The Cole Plantation - Family Cemetery

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Headstone of William Cole's infant son

About 80-100 yards to the East of the old Cole Plantation residence is the Cole Plantation family cemetery which contains 6 marked graves and is alleged to contain several unmarked graves.  Today the graveyard is very near the large ancient water oak alongside the road. These gravestones are present but toppled over, most face down.  At some point in the future I will try to get all the headstone photos documented and posted on this website.  The outlaw Tommy Wilson's body is buried in one of the unmarked graves in this cemetery.

The recorded burials in the Cole cemetery are listed below;

William L. Cole
Born 1800
Died November 10 1866

Harriet Cole
Born 1806
Died March 25 1872

William Hunter Cole                      
Son Of W.L. Cole Jr. & Sallie R. Craig Cole Cooper
Jan. 11, 1868-Nov. 3, 1868

Helen Juan Cole
Consort Of William L. Cole, Jr.
Nov. 29, 1862   22 Yrs. Old

Mary Crawford Cole
Daughter of Wm. and Harriet Cole
Dec. 30, 1840-Jan. 13, 1859

Nannie L. Love
Consort of Robert J. Love
Daughter of Wm. and Harriet Cole
Dec. 5, 1833-Sept. 24, 1851

William Cole Love
Only Heir of Robert J & Nannie Love     
Sept. 10, 1851- Nov. 13, 1867

Willie L. Mcneel
Wife of R.S. Mcneel
June 30, 1871-Sept. 5, 1895

The Cole Family Cemetery